Hazelnut Tiramisu Parfaits
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Hazelnut Tiramisu Parfaits
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Hazelnut Tiramisu Parfaits  


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Hazelnut Tiramisu Parfaits 

Ladyfingers                                                  16
Brewed Espresso                                      2cup
Coffee Liquor                                             1cup
Mascarpone Cheese                             1 pound
Sugar                                                      1 cup
Dry Marsala                                              2tbls.
Whipping Cream                                       2 cup
Cocoa Powder                                         1/2 cup
Nutella                                                     1 cup
Ground Hazelnuts                                    1/4 cup 

1- Combine espresso and coffee liquor.
2- on a serving dish line up all ladyfingers and drizzle with espresso mixture.
3- In a mixing bowl combine mascarpone, marsala, and sugar, with whip attachment proceed to whip mixture till light and airy-transfer to another bowl.
4- Whip cream till stiff peaks form-then fold into mascarpone mixture
5- Line four deep glasses with four ladyfingers each.
6- Fill one piping bag with mascarpone mixture and another  with nutella.
7- Alternating with each of the two piping bags starting with the mascarpone mixture, then cocoa powder, then nutella, then mascarpone, cocoa powder, nutella, mascarpone, and lastly cocoa powder to decorate top of glass.
8- Garnish can be anything from chocolate covered coffee bean or a strawberry fan, chocolate shavings, even raspberries. 

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